I purchased a 1968 Charger from Brocker’s Beauties in Sacramento, California for my husband as a Christmas present in 1996. Ever since he saw one, he has always wanted one. He and a friend (Lou) completely dismantled the car and restored it to excellent condition.  They worked diligently on it for about 6 months before he put it in it’s first Car Cruise. Since then, they are always tinkering with it. The engine has been rebuilt. Kenny being raised working on cars seems to never be satisfied on the car’s performance. His dad owned an auto repair shop here in Michigan and
when he retired Kenny received most of the tools, torches and whatever repair facilities have for equipment.  He basically had a auto repair shop. We had to build a 2 story 3 car pole barn to house all these things. I never had to worry about him being out drinking at the bar, just had to limit the Pepsi’s and remind him that you can’t live in a pole barn. He does have it set up for running water it is heated. Next, he will add a shower and restroom facilities. I have placed pictures on the restoration page that were taken while they were restoring the car, pictures of the completed car on the completion page and places where the car has appeared with any awards it has received on the awards page.

Hope you will look over these pictures and data.

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